Telecom Components

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Mounts and Pipes

Our wide array of mount, pipe, bracket, and boom options are engineered to carry substantial loads and withstand external components, including most wind speeds.

Our mounts and pipe options include:

  • Tower mounts
  • Roof and wall mounts
  • Tower mount components
  • Monopole mounts and components
  • Antenna mounting pipes and kits
  • Tower ice shields

Waveguide Bridges and Ladders

Waveguide bridges protect your lines from falling debris while our ladders make it a breeze to access key structural points for maintenance and construction. All of our bridges and ladders come with everything needed for a simple install process.

Available waveguide bridge and ladder products include:

  • Climbing ladders and step bolts
  • Tower waveguide ladders
  • Waveguide bridges and components
  • Monopole waveguide supports

Guyed Tower Materials

Explore our catalog for a comprehensive selection of guyed tower accessories aimed at ensuring proper strand connection, protecting birds, optimizing strand tension to fit federal specifications, and more. Whether you’re working on a new build or modifying an existing structure, we will work with you to provide the materials you need.

Grounding Systems

Protect your telecom structures by providing electricity with a low-resistance path using our grounding systems. Our manufactured rods, lines, and kits are available in copper, copper-clad, and galvanized steel varieties.

Available grounding system products include:

  • Grounding rods, wire, and accessories
  • Lightning rods and extension kits

Safety Equipment

Our safety products provide an ideal means of protection when scaling a structure for construction or maintenance purposes. Shop confidently, knowing all Sabre safety equipment meets or exceeds OSHA and ANSI performance requirements. 

Telecom safety equipment products include:

  • Tower cable safety systems and components 
  • Monopole cable safety climb systems and components
  • Climbing safety and components

Antenna Concealment

When it comes to concealment, “almost” doesn’t cut it in terms of color and style options. Our wide, highly customizable range of antenna concealment products is sure to have the right solution for your antenna’s surroundings. Explore antenna wraps, foliage additions, and replacement branches, knowing that we can match your environment’s unique needs. Made of extremely durable materials, our products offer the best in wind resistance and RF clarity.

Explore our antenna concealment products, including:

  • Antenna wraps
  • Monopine replacement branches
  • Monopalm replacements