Our innovation takes your utility and telecom structures to new heights

Creative engineering, precise execution

You don’t excel in this industry for over 40 years without consistent innovation, investment in new technologies and delivering on promises. We have a deep understanding, appreciation and passion for the work that we do—delivering best-in-class power and communication structures with service capabilities that light our homes and connect us with the rest of the world.

When you need a structure built, we keep creative engineering, collaboration, longevity and sustainability top-of-mind. And we are uniquely positioned to do this because of our purpose-built facilities, which are the largest, most advanced and greenest in the industry. We are also able to provide a full suite of turn key service solutions for our telecom partners.

We love what we do and take pride in the fact that we deliver the essential infrastructure that enables our communities to flourish; now and in the future.

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Raising the bar with our industry-leading, state-of-the-art facilities and our continuous focus on integrating automation technologies
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Alliance Builders

We earn our customers’ trust by providing unmatched custom solutions, delivering on commitments and building long-term relationships
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Purpose-built facilities equipped with emissions controls, green galvanizing and recycled material inputs
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Creative Solutions

We are passionate about creating custom solutions that exceed expectations and deliver critical infrastructure necessities for our communities
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Our manufacturing facilities, service centers and warehouses are strategically located across the U.S.

Simply stated, leadership is the choice to subjugate one’s self interest for the benefit of others. Sabre Industries embraces this concept as the foundation of our collective success and position in the industries we serve. Our leadership pillars outlined below inform our actions and define our character in the eyes of our teammates, our customers, our communities and all other stakeholders we have the pleasure to serve: (1) Commitment to Serve; (2) Courage to Change; (3) Conviction to Act; and (4) Confidence to Own the Outcome.

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Commitment to our communities and our employees

We have a responsibility to the cities, towns and rural areas where we manufacture, deliver and service our utility and telecom structures. Our innovative infrastructure doesn’t come at the expense of environmental safety and health. Here’s how we do it.

  • Identify, quantify and execute on opportunities to reduce energy consumption
  • Source recycled or repurposed materials
  • ‘Green galvanizing’ that doesn’t emit noxious byproducts into the environment
  • Build and service enclosures enabling more efficient energy storage solutions for the renewable energy industry
  • Biodiversity and ecosystem policies for future site development
  • Engage with local communities and earn their support

Our employees’ well-being is of the utmost importance to us. Quality work stems from exceptional work environments.

  • Consistent and targeted workplace safety and health audits at facilities
  • Quarterly meetings and open-door policy
  • An extensive, thoughtful Code of Conduct that ensures a safe and equitable work environment
  • A leadership culture that encourages the Sabre team to flourish and drive consistent best-in-class solutions for our customers

Careers at Sabre

Come build a future with us. Earn invaluable personal and professional growth along with competitive compensation, outstanding benefits and excellent training programs.