Energy Storage Enclosures/Cabinets

Concrete Energy Storage Cabinets

These platforms are designed with a single connection level. Used for substantial loads in most 90 MPH/low ice load areas. It has options to include support rails or enhanced support rails (patent pending). Enhanced support rails (patent pending) allow antennas to be moved up from the platform centerline since they redistribute antenna loads directly to the main platform. The platforms use a square tube face so that when pipes are attached they will not rotate up or down. Platform are packaged and designed for ease of install. The platforms are designed for use on 10” to 40” poles.

Multi-Piece Concrete Enclosures

Sabre Purpose Built Energy Storage ISO Cabinets are designed to offer lighter weight solutions for energy storage projects.

Multi-Piece Concrete Energy Storage Cabinets

These small formed pieces are used to attach strut to a pipe either vertically or horizontally. Includes clamp and u-bolt.

Purpose Built ISO Cabinets

Used to mount Platforms, T-Arms or Stand Offs to Monopoles or other round structures. Universal surface mounting allows for a variety of antenna mounting applications.

Energy Storage Field Services

For use with Low Profile Platforms. Handrails can come with or without extra pipes. (Extra pipes can be used for additional structural integrity.)

Energy Storage Warranty Services

Universal Reinforcement Kits add vertical stability and increase the allowable loading to Low Profile Platforms. Comes with a collar ring for 10″ to 40″ Monopoles. Can be used with many of the industries T-Arms or platforms.