Small Cell/CRAN/Mini-Macro


SmartStack Concealed Pole

Part of our SmartStack products line, the SmartStackTM monopole is a sleek, modular radio and power integrated pole solution which aesthetically blends into the most challenging environments.

Engineered Steel Decorative Pole

Our Engineering Steel Decorative Pole product line offers various pole types for sleek, aesthetic poles that allow for a multitude of options to match existing infrastructures when deploying outdoor rated field equipment.

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Small Cell Enclosures@2x

Small Cell Enclosures

A hybrid of our SmartStack product line, pole base enclosures allow for a monopole all in one deployment, while keeping power and radio equipment at ground level.

Radio Cages

Our Radio Cages are a pole mountable solution used for concealing radio equipment. Capable of holding radios, rectifiers, combiners and other equipment. The Radio Cages are an aesthetical pleasing solution to mask cable heavy equipment in an open environment.

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Smart Pier@2x

SmartPier Foundation

Sabre’s precast pier foundations are designed to minimize site disturbance and construction time. Done in a day, all you need to do is drill the hole; run the power, ground, and fiber into the pier conduit; level it; bury the pier and set the pole. Anchor connections are already cast into the concrete pier. Custom-engineered, piers can be up to 48” in diameter, 20’ in length, and 20 tons.

Sabre_Small Cell_Shrouds and Cabinets

Shrouds & Cabinets

Environmental and logistical challenges are no match for our LOSH, 3ML and TEKO cabinets and shrouds. All enclosures are highly configurable to meet your ODAS needs and engineered to exceed both customer and municipality requirements.

Options include standard cabinets as well as upgraded varieties that allow for remote monitoring and advanced temperature control. Multi-purpose options, such as concrete equipment benches with front and dead door equipment access, are also available.

Antenna Brackets/Pole Top Mounts

Our Antenna Bracket/Pole Top Mounts solutions are ideal complements to all infrastructure upgrades or retrofit projects. Our standard systems integrate with any antenna and radio configurations, and smoothly blends into urban/suburban environments. This platform accommodates multiple shapes, sizes, and weights, providing flexibility for future hardware needs. Our Mounts are capable of being mounted to steel, wood or concrete poles. They are available in carbon steel, stainless or aluminum material, Bracket and cable shrouding options are available.

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Sabre_Small Cell_Concealment

Small Cell Concealment

Developing DAS sites in highly-traffic metro areas requires more than a cookie-cutter solution when it comes to structure concealment. We’ll work with you to assess your concealment needs, considering aesthetic factors, zoning requirements, and environmental concerns, to engineer options that fit your unique specifications. We’ll also work with you to rehabilitate existing concealment solutions, from replacing faux tree branches to modifying fixture finishes.

Other Concealment Structures

  • Monopine
  • Monopalm
  • Monoelm
  • Bell Towers