Purpose-Built ISO Type Cabinets

20' Purpose Built ISO Cabinets

Used to attach round members perpendicular to other round members. Each kit includes one (1) plate and four (4) u-bolt assemblies.

40' Purpose Built ISO Cabinets

Concrete Energy Storage Cabinets for Purpose Built ISO Cabinets

Large Leg Adaptor Kit, heavy duty, for 5-3/4″ to 12-3/4″ round leg or 5″x5″ to 80″x8″ Angle Leg

Energy Storage Field Services for Purpose Built ISO Cabinets

Allows a place for the microwave strut to tie back to at the proper angle along the face of a tower. This mount works with straight or tapered tower legs up to 16″ OD Round, up to 16″ 60° Angle, or up to 12″ 90° Angle. Each kit includes universal saddle mounts, brackets, pipe, and hardware. Strut Connection Clamp to be ordered seperately.