Full Scale Testing Station

Sabre-Brametal Testing Station

Full Scale Testing of Lattice and Tubular Structures

Sabre/Brametal Testing Services, LLC brings testing back to North America! Located on Sabre Industries’ industrial complex in Alvarado, Texas, our testing station is designed to provide full scale structure testing on lattice towers, tubular steel structures, and wood or concrete poles. Developed by Brametal, Sabre’s testing station offers both destructive and non-destructive testing on real size structures. Utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry, our proprietary software allows for simulated loads that are automatically applied to provide realistic and accurate results. We have on-site calibration and universal testing machines. Wireless load cells used for reading and control allow for fast and accurate data reporting.

Sabre/Brametal Testing Services, LLC offers:

  • Testing of towers up to 235’ high and 120’ wide at the base, and poles up to 235’ high and 12.5’ wide
  • Manufacturing of the test structure, if needed, alleviating the need for shipping
  • Loading applied at 54 different points with all winches capable of pulling more than 90,000 lbs.
  • Ability to simultaneously apply total transverse and longitudinal loads of up to 500+ kips
  • Use of a safety net to ensure that during a destructive test the structure collapses safely

You can observe the test from our comfortable, climate-controlled control house/observation building. Our customer viewing area features a 16’ high x 18’ wide observation window with a clear view to the upper elevation of 235’. Four HD video monitors are used for display needs with one projecting a frontal view of the test in real time. Two others present digital load progression while the fourth projects a real time side view. Outside HD cameras feed the structure testing video to the control house. We provide a video recording to all customers for documentation purposes.

“The New” Sabre-FWT is committed to being your highest value supplier. Providing you with full scale structure testing is one of our value added services. Schedule a test for your latest design today by contacting us toll free at 866-254-3707 or via email at utilityinfo@sabreindustries.com.

Fully-automated, Sabre’s testing station offers both destructive and non-destructive testing.